Credit Card Funds Transfer

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Enjoy savings on your interest charges when you transfer funds from your Standard Chartered Credit Card today.

Our Credit Funds Transfer promotion allows you to convert your limit into extra cash of up to at p.a. for months at processing fee (EIR: % p.a.).

Simply submit the completed application form on the next page and it will be processed within 5 to 7 working days. This promotion is valid till .

To apply, please enter the last 4 digits of your Standard Chartered Credit Card.

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Foreign Exchange Lucky Draw
Win a guaranteed prize of $50 in your lucky currency
for every single online FX transaction of HKD10,000 or equivalent.

Please fill in your personal information.
  • 請確保您於輸入個人資料前,已於推廣期内透過渣打網上理財或流動理財之「外匯交易」或「我的戶口轉賬」或「海外轉賬^」選項進行合資格之外匯交易 (單一交易HK$10,000等值或以上),否則抽獎結果將被視爲無效。
  • Before filling in your personal information, please ensure that you have made eligible single FX transaction of HKD10,000 equivalent or above through the “Foreign Exchange” or “Own Accounts Transfer” or “International Transfer^” section in Standard Chartered Online Banking or Mobile Banking during the Promotion Period, otherwise, the lucky draw result will be regarded as invalid.
    ^Not applicable to FX transactions involving RMB/ KRW/ TWD/ MOP

  • 外匯幸運賞推廣期為2021年9月20日至2021年12月31日(包括首尾兩天)。
  • 於推廣期內,客戶每進行單一合資格外匯交易即可獲1次抽獎機會,而每名客戶可獲最多10次抽獎機會。不論任何原因,如客戶參加抽獎的次數多於合資格的抽獎機會,只有符合本行紀錄的抽獎所獲的現金獎賞金額(按時間先後順序)將被視爲有效及用作安排現金獎賞予客戶。
  • 「合資格抽獎交易」即任何透過渣打網上理財或流動理財(「外匯交易」或「我的戶口轉賬」或「海外轉賬^」選項)(統稱「網上外匯交易平台」)成功完成的單一外匯交易而交易額滿最少HK$10,000等值。如客戶之交易金額為非港元,其交易金額將根據本行所決定之有關外幣兌換率換成港元後,再作計算之用。
  • The Promotion Period is from 20 September 2021 to 31 December 2021 (both dates inclusive).
  • Each client is entitled to 1 lucky draw entry for every Eligible FX Transaction, up to a maximum of 10 entries during the Promotion Period. If, for any reason, the number of lucky draw entries that a client has submitted exceeds the number of entries that he/she is entitled to, only the Cash Reward(s) drawn (in chronological order) matching the Bank’s record will be valid and be awarded to the client.
  • "Eligible Lucky Draw Transaction" refers to any single Foreign Exchange transaction successfully performed via Standard Chartered Online Banking or Mobile Banking ("Foreign Exchange" or “Own Accounts Transfer” or “International Transfer^” section) (collectively, "this Online Foreign Exchange platform") in an amount of at least HKD10,000 or equivalent. For non-HKD denominated transactions, the transaction amount will be converted into Hong Kong Dollars based on the relevant prevailing foreign exchange rate determined by the Bank.
    ^Not applicable to FX transactions involving RMB/ KRW/ TWD/ MOP

  • 以上所收集之個人資料只作本推廣計劃之登記用途並只供內部使用。
  • The above personal data collected is for the purpose of registration to this programme and is for internal use only.

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